Tipps for beginners and interested the bee attitude


The bee attitude is a varied occupation, as it offers in the measure hardly another range. Apart from many advantages, like a working and in certain way also vigorous/observing of the complex acting bee people, harvesting the honey (honey is surely important, but should not not in the first place), attention/respect of their fellow men, who profit from the dusting achievement of their favorites (all humans do not estimate this point), to bees hold make fun, you receive views of the happening of nature and surely still many aspects more. Unfortunately it also negative gives, with which I would like to deal likewise. Bees can sting, but that should worry them not further, because with increasing Immunisierung of their body the pain will reduce. Like every other organism also, there are diseases, which can kill several individuals depending upon reason or in the worst case the whole people with bees. As beginners also the finazielle aspect can play a role, if you purchase many things oechten. Despite all risks bereuhe I do not mean personal to begin step with the bee attitude and I can you as interested one and/or beginners only encourage with that beekeepers to begin.