The physiology of the honey bees

Sense of vibration and hearing

The fact that the bees can notice finest oscillations of the document, vibrations is not amazing with their predominantly dark bienenstock bound lives. One can demonstrate the sensitivity of their vibration perception easily, if one paints with damp finger over the window of a case. Then immediately all bees remain to be stood for a few instants as angewurzelt. Bees notice tones as vibration attractions over the underground, over their claw members and a sensory organ in the rail of their legs, which are called Subgenualorgan.
It is by fine analysis of the bee dances was found out that bees " hear" an airborne sound to be able, even if only on shortest distance of few millimeters and frequencies from 100 to 800 cycles per second. Not the sound pressure, like with humans, is noticed but the speed of sound, the oscillation of air particles, which are sent in certain direction by the dancer over their wings. For the sound perception sensory hairs on the antennas seem to play a role and are probably also the Johnston organ in the turning member of the feelers in it involved.