Development of the honey bees - from the egg to the bee

Development of the honey bees table

The honey bees were divided into three natures: Female worker, queen and drone. The following table gives at the best explanation about the differences.

  Female worker   Queen   Drone  
Egg  fertilized fertilized unbefruchtet
Put down into  Worker bee's cell Weiselnaepfchen Drohnenzelle
Feeding the larva also  at first with female worker fodder juice, late mixing fodder   Queen or Weiselfuttersaft   Drone fodder juice  
Development time 
of it Eizeit
Larva time
Doll time
21 days
3 days
6 days
12 days
16 days
3 days
5 days
8 days
24 days
3 days
8 days
15 days
Cell cover becomes with the slip  abgeschrottet cut off cut off
Slip weight  about 100 mg about 200 mg about 200 mg
Body length  12-15 mm 18-22 mm 15-17 mm
Sex-ripe after  about 7 days about 14 days
Kopulation also  up to 30 drones with 1 queen
Life span  in the summer 2-6 weeks
in the winter 4-7 months
3-4 years 1-3 months
Number in the people  5.000-55.000 normally 1 0-1000
Special parts of the body  Honey blister
Polling collecting apparatus
Fat protein
Fodder juice glands
Salivary glands
Wax glands
Inciting and giftblase
Excrement blister
Smell glands
Inciting and giftblase
Smell glands
Sex organs
strengthens flight musculature

Diagram development bees

This diagram shows the development of the honey bees on an assembly drawing.