The physiology of the honey bees

Sense of weight and magnetic sense

These two sense abilities of the bees have at first sight nothing far spectacular actually, but they are of large importance for their orientation achievements. The organs in addition are not to be looked for however alone in the head area. The bees need sense of weight for standing, going and flying. They are to be kept with its assistance also in a the position a certain run angle on the senkrechten honeycomb surface in the dark bienenstock. With this angle the collecting bee in the process of certain dance movements indicates the course, which it flew to the source of fodder regarding the position of the sun. As organs of sense of weight function bristle fields, which are at the articulated connections between head and chest and chest and abdomen as well as on the antennas and at the leg members. It provoked with turning of the parts of the body and arrange in certain way, whereby the bee is able to notice their ndependent movement.
One discovered that the bee possesses a magnetic sense. The ability for the perception of the magnetic field of the earth is longest well-known with birds. Migratory birds lose their flight direction also at night, neither with fog. We know today that the magnetic sense plays a role also with the orientation of the bees. It stabilizes the dances with disturbing beam of light in the stick and serves beyond that as genuine means of orientation, as the bees are able the dailyperiodic fluctuations of the earth's magnetic field with their time memory in connection to bring and so even in the case of errors of all other outside attractions the respective daily hour recognize. The field lines in the magnetic field are also responsible for the fact that the bees can build their honeycombs exactly parallel to each other aligned. For the perception of the lines of flux of the geomagnetism a million-number is tinier, parallel aligned, eisenhaltiger crystals responsible, which one discovered in the front part of the abdomen of the bee.