The physiology of the honey bees

Sense of time

If the beekeeper its bees in the autumn for the winter in-fed and for this purpose some days to the same hour the sugar solution is long always handed to them, then an unrest develops at this time at the flugloch, even if one does not feed. That shows, the bees the fodder time noted, possess thus a time memory.
This has a biological sense. Some plants supply not all day long over Nektar, but only to certain hours of the daily. The bee notes this time and does not do not useless time and strength by Umhersuchen, if nothing is to be found.
In the case of attempts, which were accomplished with bees in a continuously lit up cellar and in the case of an experiment, in which bees had been calibrated, in Paris on a certain time and to New York were transported, arose clearly: The internal clock of the bee goes in 24 hours the rhythm. Nevertheless it does not hang on the conditions of the sun, because this clock is in the bee. The bees brought to New York depended there on Parisians, not to New Yorker time, which shows only 7 o'clock if it already is in of Paris midday.