Phylum Arthropod Junction tarsus
Class Insecta Divided in head, Thorax, Abdomen
Classification Hymenoptera Hymenoptera
Super-Family Apoidea Bees
Family Apidae Honey bees and humblebees
Sub-Family Apinae Perennely, social colonies
Gattung Apis Honeybees
Species mellifera Western honeybee

Subspecies Apis mellifera:

Geographic distribution Subgenus
Central mediterranian sea and south west europe: ligustica, carnica, macedonia, sicula, cecropia
Western mediterranian sea and nord west europe: mellifera, iberica, sahariensis, intermissa
Middle East: meda, adami, cypria, caucasica, armeniaca, anatolica
Africa: intermissa, major, sahariensis, adansonii, unicolor, capensis, monticola, scutellata, lamarkii, yementica, litorea