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Set off honey
Fig. 10 set off honey

At first sight it does not show itself naturally so simply whether it concerns a genuine quality honey or around an inferior product, in which enzymes and other valuable contents materials lost long their effect. When baking and cooking it does not depend so much to use the best sort honey because by heating up anyway many enzymes and flavour material are lost. Who wants to enjoy the honey however purely or its welfare-ends effect to use would like, which should not heat it up over 40 °C, because can otherwise some the valuable enzymes damage suffer, the enzyme activity certainly however the quality of the honey.
This is also the problem of some Importhonige. Honey is inclined to crystallize with the time happens not only in the honey glass, but also in the large honey barrels, with which it is imported by ship. It arrives then frequently in rather solid state and is warmed up, so that it becomes again liquid the racking into glasses. If the temperature is not led completely thereby carefully and precisely, then valuable contents materials can be destroyed. Unfortunately one cannot regard that to the honey, and also from the taste is difficult that to determine. Nevertheless there are quality criteria, which are even measurable. As the first the addressed enzyme activity is to be called, that is a substantial criterion for the nature leavingness. Second is the so-called HMF value, Hydroxymethylfurfural, a sugar dismantling product, which states somewhat whether a honey is warm-damaged or not. The lower this value, the better. Unfortunately that does not stand everything on the labels drauf, therefore it has the consumer heavily to constitute good quality. It would be good, if at least the European community, which would dedicate otherwise everything reglementiert, to here qualitative criteria somewhat more attention and perhaps even a kind seal for most valuable honey would issue. So far there is a whole set of Auslobungsmoeglichkeiten, like e.g.. "selection", "selection", "cold-hurled", "honeycomb-genuinly", "finest", "best", etc.. This Auslobungen states however not much, confuses therefore only and should according to our opinion therefore spareless be painted. The highest guarantee for good honey, i.e. honey with that you the valuable enzyme characteristics to use would like, have you, if you find the marking "enzyme-rich" on a glass. The Honige of the German beekeeper federation must fulfill all together this condition and be supposed shortly the glasses expressly with reference to its high enzyme content to be expenditure-praised. Also on some Honigen from the foreign country it stands that they fulfill or exceed the quality criteria of the German beekeeper federation. Also this Honige is recommended much. In the last years a set of investigations were accomplished. One among specialists much recognized the donation goods test in November 1992 published. At that time approached only few honey places to this border. But nevertheless today one can say, to honey of German beekeepers guarantees high good quality. That applies in addition, to Importhonige from selected areas, e.g. many for countries from those the so-called TransFair honey comes, thus from countries of the third world, from small beekeepers in clean areas harvested.

There are however also negative examples, in which e.g. honey from China exhibited arrears of hormones and medicines. It also occurs that the honey was stretched by sugar addition.