Worth knowing information about honey

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Cutted Comb

Abb.5 A cutted Honeycomb with Honey

1. Honey

Honey is essential for bees. Not only to fill their respository for winter. Together with pollen they feed the larva and drones, as some kind of honey bread. The nectar collector itself consumes circa 10% of the sweet juice.
Together with enzymes honey is been created in the so called honey-stomach inside bees.
About 60.000 flights are necessary, while one bee visit about three to five million blossoms to collect nectar to produce one kilogramm of honey.
You should think about that before you will eat your next bread with honey. But not only of that, honey is one of the most facinating food. It contains not only sugar, beyond that there are enzymes, vitamines, minerals, organic acids, proteines, tanning agents, and a huge number of antibiotic active components.
Because of that, honey is able to heal or prevent illness.
More about that, you can read in the chapter Honey as medizine.