Worth knowing information about honey

Is honey equal to medicine?

The medical Wirksamkeite of honey is scientifically occupied, theoretical must one honey in the pharmacy buy.
Honey can be regarded not only as food, but also as cures. Those welfare-end working components by their proportionally saw small portion only a weak effect. They nevertheless fulfill their task by longer application. The honey stands at the same time with the natural development in the agreement, i.e. it is far physiological as the sometimes rough effect of the medicaments on the biochemical processes in the organism. From this reason the honey already became with the old Egyptian as cure with diseases, as also the prophylaxis estimated.
The chemical composition (different kinds of sugar, micro elements, vitamine, antibiotics, enzymes (of enzymes), formic acid among other things.) and the complex influence on the organism are for welfare-end effect of the honey responsible. In addition the simple saccharide can, e.g. grape/cluster or fruit sugars, fast by the organism are taken up, since the bees take over the provisional enzyme dismantling. This is done via the dismantling of the complicated saccharide of the Nektars into simple. With application by humans the saccharide can arrive in the blood. There they form a fundamental energy-supplying material for for muscles, and/or the heart and the nervous system. When sinking the sugar content in the blood both mental and physical ability to work decreases. The absorption (admission) of the remaining food is facilitated by the enzymes contained in the honey. Their complete burning releases the kidneys from an additional activity. In this way the kidneys are relieved. Thus the separating function of the kidneys is strengthened, what leads to the easier elimination of the waste products in the organism. In addition with the honey also enzymes are introduced, which originate from the salivary glands of the bees, which leads additionally to the improvement of digesting.
Contrary to honey the industrially manufactured sugar stands. It must be diminished under influence from enzymes (enzymes), which often leads to an overloading of the enzyme systems. In addition the "Industie sugar" provokes the gastric mucosa and can inflammations cause. With the consumption of larger quantities it comes to the rise of the Cholesteringehaltes in the blood, the Korangefaesse is damaged, comes it to Fettleibigkeit.
The honey sugars in combination with the enzymes, vitaminen, mineral materials and the organic materials, make a more valuable means than the medicines Glykose from the honey. The Glykose of the honey increases the number of Glykogene in the liver and energizes the metabolic processes and the detoxidierende function.
The vitamine contained in the honey support the glands with internal secretion. Thus the honey the nuclear building-up reactions in the organism strengthens, improves the Gewebetrophik and adjusts the vitaminmangel. The mineral materials introduced with the honey facilitate to free itself the organism from sourly reacting stoffwechselprodukten to.
Honey contains also ethereal and resin-like materials, which possess an easily exciting effect on the organism, particularly on the cycle and the nervous system.
The fact that bee honey possesses protection characteristics was confirmed, which increase the ruggedness of the organism, both by the modern medicine. This happens as follows: The efficiency of the white blood corpuscles (Phagozyten) is increased by the honey. Furthermore also more hemoglobin (blood coloring material) and the number of Erythrozyten (red blood corpuscles) in the blood is manufactured is increased.
The confirmation by the modern and people medicine came only to the animal and partly also people attempts. One came to the realization that humans, who enjoyed honey in their life regularly became more resistant in relation to different infections and unfavorable conditions.
Honey in small quantities possesses antiallergische characteristics. However it was stated that larger doses honey lead to the Allergisierung of the organism!
The people medicine is already for a long time the antimicrobial and anti-rot effect of the honey well-known. So also against bacteria, e.g. Staphylococcus aureus. On a Wundprozess presented honey leads to blood crush and Lymphenandrang owing to its hygroscopic (humidity-taking up) characteristics and its ability to provoke the fabric osmotically and chemically by the acids, which it contains. To this mechanical cleaning efficiency also its antibiotic effect must be added. The Flavonoiden contained in honey promotes the regenerativ abilities of the cells.
In order to receive this good efficiency, one must use the honey directly at the place of the origin, i.e. if the honey steps into contact with the Wund or pus processes, e.g. orally with ulcers, by incomes with inflammation of the airways, cutaneously (on the skin) with wounds etc....
The antibiotic characteristics, specifically for the different kinds of honey, depend on the storage conditions: They inactivate warmth, light (even neon light).