Recipie Propolis Tincture

How to make a Propolis Tincture?

General information:

Propolis or cement resin needs the bee to the health care. It makes it of the resin of certain trees and own Fennenten. With this cement resin it protects its stick against pathogens, because it works like a natural antibiotic or disinfectant against bacteria, viruses and mushrooms. Already the old Egyptians have the preserving effect of this Propolis estimated.

Propolis is the most valuable and most important hygiene means of the bees. It essentially consists of resins, wax, oils and insoluble components. In addition it contains valuable trace elements (e.g. zinc, iron and copper) and vitamine (e.g. vitamin B and E).

Production of a Propolis propolis-Tinktur

30g Rohpropolis or Propolis excerpt powder, 60g of a 96%igen of medical alcohol.

Cleaned Propolis low-freeze and afterwards finely grind. The in such a way won powder or the Propolis excerpt powder with the alcohol fill up. 14 days locked at room temperature to stand, per day in until twice lets the mixture vibrate.

Afterwards and into a bottle rackings filter the tinktur off by a paper filter. Have patience, the tinktur seep in the absolute slow motion speed through. The procedure can take several hours up.