Prescriptions with honey

Sweet fruit bread

500g weizenmehl (type 1050)
2 Messl. (2.5 g) Reinlecithin P
100 g honey
50 g butter or margarine
1 tl (5 g) salt
1 Pk. Trockenhefe (7g)
200 ml milk or water
100 g of drying fruits
100 g Macadamia or Cashew

The flour in a large mixing bowl with the yeast blend and afterwards Reinlecithin, honey, fat, salt and milk and/or water in addition-give. If you use milk, give wheat adhesive in addition. It makes finished bread better coatable, and the krume becomes more flexible. Paste 2-3 minutes knead and in the dish 20 minutes long with 20-25 degrees to go leave. This is the first paste rest period. Then the smallcut drying fruits, e.g. baking plums, apricots, figs, datteln, apples, bananas, raisins etc. and the roughly zerhackten Nuesse under the paste knead. A large ball form and on the baking sheet metal occupied with baking paper set. The surface with water coat. The paste take off and 30 min long the second rest period keep. Baking-oven on 220 degrees preheat. And bakes 45-50 min with 220 degrees pushes the bread loaf in on the sheet metal.

Dietrich's bar-b-q Chicken

1 cockerel (per 2-4 person) divides

bar-b-q sauce:
5 EL [ Blueten]Honig
3 EL Soja sauce
1 tl Mongolian fire oil (chili flavoured oil)

Grill & charcoal

Haenchen auf'm grill put to (~30 min) and then with the honey Soja... mix coat, turn, still times coat to it smells...
and then serve with potatoes or rice...

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