Propolis/cement resin

Propolis helps when woman suffering

Because of its schmerzlindernden and the Menstruation regulating effect was already used Propolis in the antiquity. That is also still today usual. One takes daily ever five drops Propolistinktur against Dysmenorrhoee and Amenorrhoee twice in something water or five chewing drops. Ovary and tuba inflammation are treated likewise with drops (internal) as also outwardly by ointments or ointment envelopes on the pain-satisfying places. The Polish researcher Stanislaw Scheller already quoted reports besides on the outstanding effect of Propoliszaepfchen with Vaginitis (sheath inflammation), Leukorrhoee (white river) and other bacterial or of mushrooms caused infections of the female Genitaltraktes. The Polish lecturer Henryk Suchy and his wife, Maria Suchy, who leads the gynaekologische department of the hospital in Goczalkowice Zdroj, were concerned with the frequent infection illness Trichomonasis vaginalis. They used either 30-mg-Propolis-Tabletten, with Propolisloesung soaked tampons or Propolis Vaginalzaepfchen. of 48 female patients could Suchy 42 completely heal; only six did not respond to the Propolistabletten. Also on other pathogene germs Propolis works restraining. Finally Henryk and Maria Suchy Propolis and the Pollen Gelée Royale preparation Melbrosia have p.l.d. against klimakterische complaints; with excellent success applied. Propolis has itself, in ointment form; outwardly also with chest gland inflammations; with Decubitus (Laying wound), Craurosis vulvae and Colpitis senilis works satisfactorily. In the meantime there is a kind Propolis international one. The most well-known researchers in this area meet regularly. One of the conferences took place 1980 in Budapest. Congress chairman was a president of the world bee breeder federation "Apimondia", professor Dr. Ing. V. Harnaj. one this researcher is a Danish beekeeper and biologist K. Lund Aargard. It reported that it a sudden neck inflammation; with an aqueous Propolisloesung within fewer hours cured. Also during a heavy eye inflammation arising later; worked satisfactorily Propolis. That was 1967. Since that time Aargard used at more than 16,000 Skandinavian Propolis, with best success. It is to be also owed to it that there is recently pro pole eating and pool of broadcasting corporations ("Propolis in Quality"). The difference in weight to raw Propolis amounts to from more cleaned up to 30 per cent - and Aargard means that "taking" the Propoliswirkstoffe and removing out of the impurities (sand, wood wax) increases the therapeutic effect.