Propolis/cement resin

Propolis against inflammations - Prostata

- Propolis per Prostata ("Propolis for the Prostata") is called this section. (in the proximity of the prostate are the testicles, the blister and the kidneys, also on these organs show Propolis a good effect.) The Soviet scientist Vth F. Orkin ("the antibacterial, entzuendungshemmenden and regenerativ characteristics of the Propolis are the Soviet medicine for a long time admit") has ten patients with at least three years continuing chronic Prostatitis (symptoms: Enlargement of the gland, pain in the blister and increased leukocyte secretion) with Propoliszaepfchen treat. A zaepfchen contained 0.1 gram of Propolis and 2 gram of cocoa butter, and each patient had to take a zaepfchen during thirty days in the evening. The cure was repeated in until twice, with in to two-month tracing. Six patients were healed, improved four. In the case of acute, then other scientists determined, give one several times daily ten drops Propoliselixier in a half glass water (or ten chewing drops). After three days the dose can be reduced to a third, the treatment should however at least ten days take. One will now be surprised, if one experiences that Propolis is also a Darmregulans.
again - against chair blockage and intestine inertia a Propolis lactose preparation (lactose as carriers) was developed. Straight one for seriously ill person is suitable this mild, but nevertheless seriously working Darmregulans. Not only in cases of persistent blockage, but also with failure and those irregular chairs, how they are typical for antibiotic-damaged intestines and jet patient, this preparation worked satisfactorily. One should take three times daily a cap two week long. Afterwards is one annoyance either loose and can stop, or one continues with reduced dose. They cannot further-take three caps without concern daily, your health harm that. And because we already are in this "area": Also the "wolf", which howls after long foot marches with violent welding production gladly between the thighs, becomes under influence of Propolissalbe already on the second day gentle like a Laemmchen. Some nature-sound want to have observed that Propolis works also against hair loss. That is not denied, in addition, not to be stated, me no case is well-known. On the other hand works it reproduction-beer-end (strengthening) with older fellow citizens, particularly in form of the Melbrosin Propolis preparation, which strengthens additionally the heart and shows with heart water craze one expressed deriving effect.
- sleeplessness, nervousness, removingness, tiredness for it is exactly correct the preparation mentioned! It regulates every now and then even the blood pressure, what straight is desired in the age medicine. It minted no kurativen, but one nevertheless preventive effect on atherosklerotische processes.