My own beekeeping

When did everything begin?

With my large uncle in Canada, Ontario I came the first time in closer contact with bees. Here had I found I in the middle of the 1990er years first brings closer interest in bees.
My interest grew and I became acquainted with at my residence at that time beekeeper, with whom I had the possibility with beekeepers at bee colonies to help.
My desire bee colonies to lead became stronger and I began me more near to inform and the start plan.

When did I begin?

As I my biology study in Tuebingen, South Germany took up began I at the same time also my own small beekeeping. This was 1999.

With which kind imkere I?

I imkere with Apis mellifera Carnica in Zanderbeuten.

Where imkere I?

At present imkere I in the Black Forest in approx.. 900 m over NN and has here imkerlichen success.

How do I lead many peoples?

I led my beekeeper time in the run differently many peoples. 12 bee colonies was so far my highest number.
At present times, I lead between 7-10 colonies.

Bio yard

In the proximity of this yard my bee colonies stand, protected at the edge of forest.

My bee shed

Bee shed