Honey bee (Apis mellifera)

Forwards approx. 60 million years the first certification of its existence (amber petrifying) originated in. Since it humans gives is fascinated it by this social insect. Already the old Egyptians for itself knew to use their meaning (honey as a component of mummifying).
What bound humans since that time at the bees? Is it their biology? Its eagerness for work - or simply only the healthy, koestliche taste of the honey?
Discover and experience everything over bees - from your biology up to koestlichen prescriptions with honey, or prescriptions, in those you learn Met or a Propolistinktur to manufacture even.

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Worth knowing over Propolis

The bee product Propolis is called also cement resin, because from the bees usually to cement it leaky places in the booty one uses. Propolis is however far more than only that. It is an unbelievable material with immunisierender effect not only for honey bees, but also for humans. Propolis was already the old Egyptians well-known and to mummifies used. Propolis applies with most different disease pictures. Propolis is here usually a component in Propolis ointments or Propolis solution. The basic stick for this is Propolis powder, which is won from Rohpropolis.
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Propolis Sammlerin Propolisiertes flugloch

Bee diseases

Bee diseases are far common. Here dedicates itself to the most important bee diseases. The Varroa disease:
The exciter is called: Varroa jacobsoni oudemans. The brown-colored, crosswise oval, shieldlike flattened adult mite is in her female form with max. 1.3 mm of length and 1.7 mm broad of impressive size of (..)more about bee diseases

Varroa mite Varroa mite

Worth knowing over honey

Nektar and honey rope are still no honey. Only by a processing over the bee honey develops. This takes place (...) more over honey

Honey local variety Schaumgaeriger honey

Honey Varity

In the encyclopedia you get informed about all kinds of honey. From Acacia Honey Wild honey.
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Biology of the bees

The organism of the bees is highly complex. In the column you get biology of the bees detailed and interesting prepared information to this question. More about honey bees

Anatomy of the bees Wax glands of the bees


Bees can inform themselves manigfalig with one another. This goes the far beyond well-known bee dance and simple communicating of sources of fodder. Bees exchange among themselves a multiplicity at information.
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Beekeeper glossary

The large beekeeper and bee glossary address to all friends of the bees and bee attitude.
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